Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower Identification


Model Number Location

Finding your model number is the first step to successfully identifying your Briggs and Stratton engine, Below is a list of possible locations, To the right is a short video showing locations.

  • Stamped Onto The Flywheel Blower Housing (Pictured Left), Can be above Spark Plug, At the Rear Or Above the Muffler 
  • Stamped Onto Crankcase Above Oil Filler Cap
  • Stamped Or Printed On Tag Located On Carburetor 

Model Number Format

The format of the model number can be seen to the left, It is separated into three sections which are described below

  • Model-This is used to determine the most important features of the engine such as displacement & mechanical features.
  • Type-This number is used to identify engine mechanical parts, Color of paint, Governed Speed & Original Equipment Manufacturer 
  • Code-The Code is used to determine the assembly date


How To Find Your Model Number

Interpreting Model Code

Using the example to the left, The date of assembly would be as follows




58-Assembly Line & Manufacturing Plant

Model Number Interpretation Guide & HP Ratings