Victa Air Tubing Replacement

Tools/Parts Required Replacement Tubing Approx 750mmPhillips Head ScrewdriverFlat Head Screwdriver Step 1.Remove the top cover from the mower, remove the carburetor from the engine by twisting it. Remove the top cover from the carburetor and dismantle the carburetor down to the throttle connection (click here for G4 carburetor dismantle video for extra help). Disconnect the throttle […]

Briggs and Stratton Oil Change

Tools/Parts Required 4 Stroke Engine Oil SAE 30 or 10W-30FunnelContainer For Waste Oil Step 1.Undo the oil fill cap and tilt the mower on its side, once the oil flow slows tip it as shown in the video to make sure as much oil as possible is emptied.Step 2Once all the oil is out you can […]

Victa Air Filter Replacement/Service

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head Screwdriver Step 1.Locate your air filter and remove the cover.Step 2Remove old air filter and either clean or replace it with a new one. 

Cleaning Briggs & Stratton Type Air Filter

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverBucketKerosene Step 1.Remove the air filter from the mower by undoing the flat head screw.Step 2Take covers off the air filter and soak the air filter in kerosene squeezing it and rubbing the dirt off.Step 3Dry off the air filter and then pour some engine oil onto in and squeeze in it […]