Victa Loose Blade Carrier Fix

Learn how to repair a loose blade carrier on a Victa Lawn Mower. Tools/Parts Required  Lubricant Wooden Wedge 8mm & 24mm Socket Step 1. Use you wooden wedge to secure and stop the flywheel moving while you undo the blade Nut. Be mindful not to apply to much force as there is a risk of […]

Remove Victa Blade Boss

Learn how to remove the Blade Boss on a Victa lawn mower   Tools/Parts Required. Anvil Hammer WD-40/Lubricant Step 1. Remove the engine from the lawn mower (click here for a tutorial). When looking at the blade boss you will notice on one side there is a hole, fill this with WD-40. Step 2 Place […]

Victa Blade Sharpening

Learn how to keep the blades on your lawnmower sharp so that they continue to function well. Tools/Parts Required. Allen Key set Socket Wrench -.14mm & 24mm Sockets File Replacement Blade Kit (If Necessary) Step 1. Either disconnect the fuel line and remove the top cover or empty fuel from the mower before turning it […]

Blade Boss Removal

Learn How to more easily remove the blade boss from a lawn mower. Tools/Parts Required  Two Jaw Puller Bolt or Cylindrical Picec Of Metal Socket (To fit size of Two Jaw Pullers Pipe Wrench or Locking Pliers Step 1. Place bolt/piece of metal into the hole in the middle of the boss. Ensure that the […]

Victa Blade Replacement

This Tutorial Demonstrates the process of replacing the blades on a Victa lawn mower, this is similar for most other mowers. Tools/Parts Required  Replacement Blades Socket Wrench – 15mm & 19mm Sockets (Mower Dependant) Allen Key Set Step 1. Remove Spark Plug lead for safety reasons. Step 2 Lift up the mower, with the front wheels […]