Briggs and Stratton Ignition Coil Testing

Tools/Parts Required Multi-Meter Step 1. Set the multi-meter to the 20 k ohms setting. A working ignition coil will give a reading of between 2.5 – 5 k ohms. Step 2 Set the positive lead of the multi-meter in position where the spark plug would usually insert – ensure it has made good contact. Place the […]

Briggs Vertical Pullstart In Depth Repair

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverSocket Wrench – 7/16 SocketNeedle Nose PliersStarter Handle & Cord Step 1. Remove the plastic cover on the pull start, do this with caution as the spring underneath is wound tightly. Undo the bolt holding the spring in place, again being cautious of the spring. Carefully remove the starter, being careful not […]

Oil in Carburetor/Wrong Petrol In Mower

Tools/Parts Required Carburetor CleanerOil pumpFlat Head Screwdriver Step 1. Use the oil pump to drain as much oil from the carburetor as possible or to empty the fuel tank in the case of incorrect fuel. Step 2 Press the primer 10 times or tip some petrol in the carburetor then pull the starter 5-10 times to […]

Briggs Spark Plug Boot Replacement

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverWire StrippersStanley KnifeWire CuttersPliersReplacement Spark Plug Boot Step 1. Strip back part of the ignition lead to reveal some wire to crimp the new spark plug terminal on. then crimp your new terminal as shown in the video. Step 2 Place the spark plug boot over the new terminal, a flat head […]

Refurbish Briggs and Stratton Bowl Type Carburetor

Tools/Parts Required Needle Nose PliersSocket Wrench – 13mm SocketCarburetor Cleaner Step 1. Remove your carburetor from your lawn mower and clean its outside with WD-40 or carburetor cleaner, an air compressor is useful for this task and further cleaning along the way. Step 2 Remove the metal butterfly valve inside the carburetor and pull out the […]

Briggs and Stratton Start Cord Replacement

Tools/Parts Required. Socket Wrench – 10mm & 12mm Socket Flat Head Screwdriver Scissors Replacement Starter Cord (Click Here)   Step 1. Undo the bolts holding the top cover in position, the are 4 easily visible, 2 at the front and 2 at the back. There is also another bolt at the bottom right hidden under […]

Briggs & Stratton Auto-Choke Carburetor Diaphragm Replacement

Tools/Parts Required Phillips Head ScrewdriverFlat Head ScrewdriverSocket Wrench – 13mm & 11mm SocketsCarburetor Diaphragm Kit Step 1. Remove the air filter by removing the screw which holds it in place. Once removed the auto-choke becomes visible, it may not function as well (may not spring back properly) if the diaphragm is in bad condition. Step 2 […]

White/Blue Smoke Coming From Mower

Step 1. Start the lawn mower and leave it running until the smoke clears. If the mower isn’t damaged it may still work – evident by the smoke clearing after a period of around 5 minutes.

Blade Boss Removal

Tools/Parts Required Two Jaw PullerBolt or Cylindrical Picec Of MetalSocket (To fit size of Two Jaw PullersPipe Wrench or Locking Pliers Step 1. Place bolt/piece of metal into the hole in the middle of the boss. Ensure that the diameter of the bolt/metal doesn’t exceed the size of the hole (it needs to sit inside). Step […]

Briggs and Stratton 375 Sprint Pull Start Repair

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverCleaning MaterialsReplacement Cord If RequiredSocket Wrench & 10mm or 11mm socket depending on engine. Step 1. Remove the Pull start from your engine and clean it thoroughly, this makes it easier to work on and put back together. Step 2 Carefully bend up the 3 tabs that secure the starter and carefully […]

Briggs and Stratton 3HP Pull start Repair

Tools/Parts: Flat Head Screwdriver Cleaning Materials Replacement Cord if Required 10mm and 13mm socket Step 1 Remove the 13mm Carburetor and Starter Mounting Bolt and also the 10mm bolt then remove the pull start. Step 2 Carefully pry up the cover being mindful of the high tension spring that will be underneath. Step 3 Clean […]

Fixing Bent Wheels

Tools/Parts Required Pry Bar  Step 1. Check your wheels and axles for any damage and if it all looks okay slowly bend the wheels outward. If the axle is sliding about putting a foot on one wheel while you bend. Step 2 If your axle is loose the clips could be the problem they are briefly pointed […]