Oil in Carburetor/Wrong Petrol In Mower

Tools/Parts Required Carburetor CleanerOil pumpFlat Head Screwdriver Step 1. Use the oil pump to drain as much oil from the carburetor as possible or to empty the fuel tank in the case of incorrect fuel. Step 2 Press the primer 10 times or tip some petrol in the carburetor then pull the starter 5-10 times to […]

Tecumseh Carburetor Clean

Tools/Parts Required Multi-gripsCarburetor CleanerFlat Head ScrewdriverAdjustable Wrench13mm Socke Step 1. Remove the carburetor from the mower and give the exterior a good clean, Next remove the jet at the bottom and carefully inspect the jet for blockages. Then remove the bowl and begin inspecting the inner parts as shown in the video. Step 2 Spray all […]

Victa G4 Carburetor In Depth Guide Part II

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverPliersCarburetor Cleaner Step 1. Insert the cam back into place and ensure that it is moving correctly,  and make sure that it does so with relative ease. Turn the cam clockwise as far as it will go and then begin to reinsert the throttle cable – thread the cable into the appropriate […]

Victa G4/LM Carburetor in Depth Dis-assembly guide

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverMulti-GripsCarburetor Cleaner Step 1.Remove the main jet and and then carefully detach the Primer Cap, be mindful to keep track of the small parts and check them for damage as shown in the video.Step 2Examine the top of the carburetor for any cracks that may cause air leaks. Remove the top cover […]

Refurbish Briggs and Stratton Bowl Type Carburetor

Tools/Parts Required Needle Nose PliersSocket Wrench – 13mm SocketCarburetor Cleaner Step 1. Remove your carburetor from your lawn mower and clean its outside with WD-40 or carburetor cleaner, an air compressor is useful for this task and further cleaning along the way. Step 2 Remove the metal butterfly valve inside the carburetor and pull out the […]

Briggs & Stratton Auto-Choke Carburetor Diaphragm Replacement

Tools/Parts Required Phillips Head ScrewdriverFlat Head ScrewdriverSocket Wrench – 13mm & 11mm SocketsCarburetor Diaphragm Kit Step 1. Remove the air filter by removing the screw which holds it in place. Once removed the auto-choke becomes visible, it may not function as well (may not spring back properly) if the diaphragm is in bad condition. Step 2 […]

Victa Fuel Tap Replacement

Learn how to replace a leaking or dysfunctional fuel tap on a Victa lawn mower. Tools/Parts Required. Phillips Head Screwdriver Fuel Tap (Click Here) Step 1. Turn the installed fuel tap to the off position. Remove the screws holding the top cover on, unplug the fuel line and remove the top cover from the mower. […]

Fix Leaky Victa Primer Cap

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverCarburetor CleanerReplacement Fuel Line If RequiredCarburetor Repair Kit If Required Step 1. Turn off the fuel and remove the screw that secures the Primer Cap and then remove the fuel hose. Step 2 Carefully remove the Primer Cap being mindful of all the small parts especially the needle, then clean all the parts and […]

Briggs and Stratton Primer Bulb Replacement 3.5HP

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverReplacement Primer BulbAir Compressor/Carburetor Cleaner Step 1. Gently pry out the clips shown in the video. Push the retaining plastic clip up, this will release the primer bulb. Step 2 Clean underneath and clear any blockages that would cause the primer to fail. Step 3 Install the new primer by clipping it […]

Installing Fuel Line Briggs & Stratton Quantum 3.5-5HP

Tools/Parts Required 3/16 or 5mm Fuel LineLighter Step 1. Gently heat fuel line for 15-30 seconds, being careful not to melt or burn the line. Step 2 Then quickly place it on the connection you have ready. Be mindful that the closer to the end your fingers are, the less the tube will bend, making it […]

Briggs & Stratton Float Type Carburetor Service

Tools/Parts Required Carburetor CleanerFlat Head ScrewdrierNeedle Nose PliersSocket Wrench – 8mm, 10mm & 13mm Step 1. Firstly we start by removing the air filter and backing plate, being careful not to lose any gaskets or rubber hoses. Once these are removed the carburetor should be clearly visible. Remove the two mounting bolts and twist sideways to […]

Victa G4 Carburetor Service

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverPhillips Head ScrewdriverG4 Carburetor Service Kit Step 1. We begin by turning off the fuel tap and removing the top cover. Step 2 Once the carburetor is exposed we can remove the front plate and inspect the float, jet and seal and replace any parts that are damaged. It’s important that all parts […]