Spark Plug Cleaning/Inspection

Tools/Parts Required Wire BrushSpark Plug Spanner Step 1. Once you have determined whether it is worth cleaning your spark plug over replacing it, Secure the plug in a vice and go over it with a wire brush – don’t be too brutal as you may risk damaging the spark plug. Step 2 To remove any dirt from […]

Repair Stripped/Damage Thread

Tools/Parts Required Helicoil KitTap & Die KitDrill Step 1. Start by drilling out the thread with the correctly chosen drill bit, then using your tap cut in the new thread as shown in the video being careful to wind the tap backwards half a turn for every full turn forwards. maintain a horizontal angle to avoid a […]

Oil in Carburetor/Wrong Petrol In Mower

Tools/Parts Required Carburetor CleanerOil pumpFlat Head Screwdriver Step 1. Use the oil pump to drain as much oil from the carburetor as possible or to empty the fuel tank in the case of incorrect fuel. Step 2 Press the primer 10 times or tip some petrol in the carburetor then pull the starter 5-10 times to […]

Tecumseh Carburetor Clean

Tools/Parts Required Multi-gripsCarburetor CleanerFlat Head ScrewdriverAdjustable Wrench13mm Socke Step 1. Remove the carburetor from the mower and give the exterior a good clean, Next remove the jet at the bottom and carefully inspect the jet for blockages. Then remove the bowl and begin inspecting the inner parts as shown in the video. Step 2 Spray all […]

Make Your Own Victa Crank Tools.

Tools/Parts Required Angle Grinder/DremelFiles/Sandpaper21mm and 17mm Socket Step 1. Determine which crank pin you have, note that there are 2 different types. Step 2 Place the crank pin onto your Socket and mark the parts that will need to be cut or ground away. Step 3 Finally grind the mark portions and carefully check with your […]

White/Blue Smoke Coming From Mower

Step 1. Start the lawn mower and leave it running until the smoke clears. If the mower isn’t damaged it may still work – evident by the smoke clearing after a period of around 5 minutes.

Cylinder Honing

Tools/Parts Required Cylinder Honing Tool, 100MM length, Must fit bore 61.5cmElectric Drill Step 1. Disassemble mower down to an empty clean bore. Step 2 Please note it is important that a cross hatch pattern is left after honing the bore this helps bed in the new rings, this can be achieved by moving the hone in […]

Compression Testing

Tools/Parts Required Spark Plug SpannerCompression Tester Step 1. Firstly we remove the spark plug; then screw in the compression tester. Step 2 Next pull the starter cord 4-5 times to get an accurate reading. Anything above 80 psi is great, anything less and it’s likely your piston and rings need replacing.