Throttle Cable Trimming and Z-Bending

Tools/Parts Required Replacement Throttle CableZ-bending ToolNeedle Nose PliersWire Cutters Step 1.Remove old throttle cable from your lawn mower.Step 2Install new throttle cable on your mowers handle. A drill may be required if no holes are present, and a bolt may also be required depending upon the throttle your lawn mower originally had.Step 3Measure the cable and […]

Victa Throttle Cable Repair

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverPhillips Head Screwdriver Step 1.Start by removing the top cover and fuel tank.Step 2Once they are free we unclip the air intake hose and check if the throttle cable is connected.Step 3Once checked, we open up the main body of the carburetor (for a more in depth guide on doing this see […]