Test A Victa Ignition Module

Tools/Parts Required Multi-MeterUniversal Ignition Module (If Replacement Needed)  Step 1. Set the multi-meter to the 20 kohms setting. Place the red and black probes at opposite ends of the ignition module. Step 2 A reading of 4.54 kOhms indicates an as new ignition module. As the reading increases your spark’s power may decrease as an estimate […]

Victa G4 Ignition Wires

Tools/Parts Required Victa Stop Switch Cover & Plug Step 1. Place the cover over the ignition wire and then place the plug on the end as shown in the video. Then place the throttle in the middle position so you can insert the wire with the plug into the Carburetor. Step 2 Place the cover on and […]

Victa Keystart Repair

Learn how to diagnose and repair a Victa keystart Tools/Parts Required. Charge Battery or Battery Connected To A Charger Phillips Head Screwdriver Step 1. Remove engine from lawn mower as seen in this Video. Step 2 The first thing to check is the connections and fuse, if they seem to be intact the next thing […]

Testing a Victa Ignition Coil

Tools/Parts Required Ignition CoilMulti-Meter Step 1. Set your Multi-Meter to 20K Ohms and connect the black ground lead to the spark plug wire. Step 2 Touch your positive lead to each of the terminals on the ignition coil a good coil should read close to 9k Ohms, If your coil has more then 12-14K Ohms resistance […]

Victa Air Tubing Replacement

Tools/Parts Required Replacement Tubing Approx 750mmPhillips Head ScrewdriverFlat Head Screwdriver Step 1. Remove the top cover from the mower, remove the carburetor from the engine by twisting it. Remove the top cover from the carburetor and dismantle the carburetor down to the throttle connection (click here for G4 carburetor dismantle video for extra help). Disconnect the […]

Victa Ignition Coil Replacement

Tools/Parts Required Socket Wrench – 24mm & 12mm socketReplacement Ignition Coil  Step 1. In order to remove the old ignition coil we must first remove the engine – which requires tipping the lawn mower on its side – before doing that it’s wise to turn off the petrol hose. When the mower is on its side […]

Preparing Ignition Coil For Installation

Tools/Parts Required Replacement Ignition CoilTwo Jaw PullersFlat Head ScrewdriverWire Brush Step 1. The first step is to remove the old ignition coil from the lawn mower, if you require help doing this click here for our tutorial. Step 2 You’ll notice when comparing the new and old ignition coil that the old one has an additional […]

Victa On/Off Switch Installation

Tools/Parts Required Phillips Head ScrewdriverWire Trimmers & CuttersElectrical TapeCable TiesSolder & Soldering Iron (optional)Spark Plug ToolDrillOn/Off Switch & Wiring Step 1. Remove the top cover and place it aside. Step 2 Twist the carburetor off and pull out one of the ignition wires, the black one is usually easiest. Step 3 If your lawn mower previously had […]