Test A Victa Ignition Module

Learn How To Test a Victa Ignition Module Tools/Parts Required  Multi-Meter Universal Ignition Module (If Replacement Needed)  Step 1. Set the multi-meter to the 20 kohms setting. Place the red and black probes at opposite ends of the ignition module. Step 2 A reading of 4.54 kOhms indicates an as new ignition module. As the […]

Victa Decompressor Repair Kit Installation

Learn How to service, dismantle and rebuild a decompressor on a Victa lawn mower. Tools/Parts Required  Needle Nose Pliers Decompressor Kit Step 1. Start by removing the clips holding the decompressor together(Some decompressors cannot be opened these must be replaced rather then serviced). Be careful not to lose any of the parts that will come […]

Victa Decompressor Troubleshooting

Learn how to Troubleshoot a Victa Decompressor. Tools/Parts Required  3/4 Spanner New Decompressor Step 1. Check around the decompressor for oil/fuel as this can suggest problems. Step 2 Next test the decompressor sucking on the nozzle and checking if the valve moves. you can also blow on the nozzle and no air should come out […]

Victa Disassembly Guide Part III – Chassis

Learn how to completely disassemble the chassis of a Victa lawn mower. Tools/Parts Required  Pliers Socket Wrench – 11mm Socket Adjustable Spanner Flat Head Screwdriver Step 1. Remove the back wheels by first removing the plastic cover then the e-clip which holds them in place, they may now slide off the shaft. the front wheels […]

Victa Wheel Bearing Replacement/Upgrade

Change the wheel bearings on a Victa lawn mower by following this tutorial Tools/Parts Required  Flat Head Screwdriver Hammer Bearings Step 1. Remove the wheel cover with a flat head screw driver, also remove the e-clip with the flat head screw driver – be careful not to lose it as you may need it later. […]

Victa Loose Blade Carrier Fix

Learn how to repair a loose blade carrier on a Victa Lawn Mower. Tools/Parts Required  Lubricant Wooden Wedge 8mm & 24mm Socket Step 1. Use you wooden wedge to secure and stop the flywheel moving while you undo the blade Nut. Be mindful not to apply to much force as there is a risk of […]

Victa G4 Carburetor In Depth Guide Part II

Learn how to correctly assemble a g4 carburetor Tools/Parts Required  Flat Head Screwdriver Pliers Carburetor Cleaner Step 1. Insert the cam back into place and ensure that it is moving correctly,  and make sure that it does so with relative ease. Turn the cam clockwise as far as it will go and then begin to […]

Victa G4 Ignition Wires

Learn how to install the Ignition Wires in a Victa lawn mower with a G4 Carburetor. Tools/Parts Required  Victa Stop Switch Cover & Plug Step 1. Place the cover over the ignition wire and then place the plug on the end as shown in the video. Then place the throttle in the middle position so you […]

Victa G4/LM Carburetor in Depth Dis-assembly guide

Learn how to correctly disassemble a g4 carburetor Tools/Parts Required  Flat Head Screwdriver Multi-Grips Carburetor Cleaner Step 1. Remove the main jet and and then carefully detach the Primer Cap, be mindful to keep track of the small parts and check them for damage as shown in the video. Step 2 Examine the top of […]

Remove Victa Blade Boss

Learn how to remove the Blade Boss on a Victa lawn mower   Tools/Parts Required. Anvil Hammer WD-40/Lubricant Step 1. Remove the engine from the lawn mower (click here for a tutorial). When looking at the blade boss you will notice on one side there is a hole, fill this with WD-40. Step 2 Place […]

Victa Disassembly Part II

Learn how to replace an completely disassemble a Victa Power-torque lawn mower engine. Tools/Parts Required  Phillips Head Screwdriver Small Wooden Block Rag Socket Wrench – 10mm & 12mm Socket Victa Crank Pin Tool Anvil Hammer Step 1. Undo the two Phillips head screws that hold the carburetor manifold to the engine block. Step 2 Undo the […]

Victa Keystart Repair

Learn how to diagnose and repair a Victa keystart Tools/Parts Required. Charge Battery or Battery Connected To A Charger Phillips Head Screwdriver Step 1. Remove engine from lawn mower as seen in this Video. Step 2 The first thing to check is the connections and fuse, if they seem to be intact the next thing […]