Victa Wheel & Bearing Replacement

Tools/Parts Required HammerWheel Bearing & ClipFlat Head Screwdriver Step 1. Use the screw driver to lever off the clip holding the wheel in place (be careful not to lose it). Once removed you can slide the wheel off of its shaft. Step 2 Remove the old bearing from the wheel by using the screw driver to […]

Victa Fuel Tap Replacement

Learn how to replace a leaking or dysfunctional fuel tap on a Victa lawn mower. Tools/Parts Required. Phillips Head Screwdriver Fuel Tap (Click Here) Step 1. Turn the installed fuel tap to the off position. Remove the screws holding the top cover on, unplug the fuel line and remove the top cover from the mower. […]

Victa Spark Plug Boot Replacement

 Tools/Parts Required. Spark Plug Boot (Click Here) Pliers   Step 1. Start by removing the old spark plug boot if it is still present. Simply pull on it to remove it – if this proves difficult hold the wire with pliers whilst pulling on the boot. Step 2 Remove the screw protruding from the wire, […]

Victa Engine Removal

Tools/Parts Required Socket Wrench – 12 & 24mm SocketsPhillips Head Screwdriver Step 1. Either disconnect the fuel line and remove the top cover or empty fuel from the mower before turning it onto its side. Step 2 Remove the blade carrier with blades attached by undoing the bolt in its center, which holds it in place (use […]

Victa Blade Sharpening

Tools/Parts Required. Allen Key set Socket Wrench -.14mm & 24mm Sockets File Replacement Blade Kit (If Necessary)     Step 1. Either disconnect the fuel line and remove the top cover or empty fuel from the mower before turning it onto its side. Step 2 Inspect the condition of the installed blades to determine whether […]

Axle Clip Quick/Temporary Fix

Tools/Parts Required Steel Wire PliersWire Cutters Step 1. Thread fencing wire through the hole indicated in the video, start with the hole closest to the back of the mower in order to more easily thread the wire through completely. Step 2 thread the wire back through the hole closest to the front of the mower and bend […]

Fix Leaky Victa Primer Cap

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverCarburetor CleanerReplacement Fuel Line If RequiredCarburetor Repair Kit If Required Step 1. Turn off the fuel and remove the screw that secures the Primer Cap and then remove the fuel hose. Step 2 Carefully remove the Primer Cap being mindful of all the small parts especially the needle, then clean all the parts and […]

Victa Advanced Pull-Start Repair

Tools/Parts Required. Tin Snips Pliers. Spanner – 24mm Locking Pliers Phillips Head Screwdriver Socket Wrench – 12mm Socket Replacement Starter Cord 3.5mm     Step 1. Turn of the fuel, remove the fuel line along with the top cover and place it aside. Step 2 Remove the starter by undoing the three bolts holding it […]

Victa Air Filter Replacement/Service

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head Screwdriver Step 1. Locate your air filter and remove the cover. Step 2 Remove old air filter and either clean or replace it with a new one.

Victa On/Off Switch Installation

Tools/Parts Required Phillips Head ScrewdriverWire Trimmers & CuttersElectrical TapeCable TiesSolder & Soldering Iron (optional)Spark Plug ToolDrillOn/Off Switch & Wiring Step 1. Remove the top cover and place it aside. Step 2 Twist the carburetor off and pull out one of the ignition wires, the black one is usually easiest. Step 3 If your lawn mower previously had […]

Victa Blade Replacement

Tools/Parts Required Replacement BladesSocket Wrench – 15mm & 19mm Sockets (Mower Dependant)Allen Key Set Step 1. Remove Spark Plug lead for safety reasons. Step 2 Lift up the mower, with the front wheels facing skyward. This insures oil does not flow into the intake or exhaust and cause trouble later. Step 3 Either remove the main securing […]

Victa Head Gasket Replacement

Tools/Parts Required Replacement Head GasketSharp ChiselSanding Block and Sandpaper – between 200-600 Grit Depending On Condition Of Surfaces.Socket Wrench – 8mm, 12mm & 13mm Sockets Step 1. Remove fuel hose and top cover. Step 2 Remove cylinder head by loosening the four 12 mm bolts, sometimes these are 13 mm. Step 3 Once the head is […]