Victa Piston & Rings – Part 2

Tools/Parts Required Piston Ring CompressorSmall RagFlat Head ScrewdriverSocket Wrench – 8mm, 12mm & 13mm SocketsWD-40/LubricantAdjustable WrenchNeedle Nose PliersStandard PliersVicta Rebuild KitLocking Pliers Step 1. Inspect the bore. Only severely damaged bores require honing, most will be fine with a new piston and rings. Sometimes the exhaust port has carbon build-up that should be removed before a […]

Victa Piston & Rings – Part 1

Tools/Parts Required Small RagFlat Head ScrewdriverSocket Wrench – 8mm, 12mm & 13mmLocking PliersStandard PliersNeedle Nose PliersVicta Rebuild KitWD40/Lubricant Step 1. Remove fuel hose & top cover bolts Step 2 Use your 12mm socket wrench to remove the starter, be careful not to lose the rubber seal located on the underside of the starter. Step 3 Next, […]

Victa Throttle Cable Repair

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverPhillips Head Screwdriver Step 1. Start by removing the top cover and fuel tank. Step 2 Once they are free we unclip the air intake hose and check if the throttle cable is connected. Step 3 Once checked, we open up the main body of the carburetor (for a more in depth […]

Victa G4 Carburetor Service

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverPhillips Head ScrewdriverG4 Carburetor Service Kit Step 1. We begin by turning off the fuel tap and removing the top cover. Step 2 Once the carburetor is exposed we can remove the front plate and inspect the float, jet and seal and replace any parts that are damaged. It’s important that all parts […]

Replace Victa Crankcase Seal

Tools/Parts Required Phillips Head ScrewdriverSocket Wrench – 13mm SocketReplacement Crank Seal If Required Step 1. First turn off the fuel and remove the fuel line. Step 2 Then remove the three Phillips head screws holding down the head cowl, once removed lift and place aside. Step 3 Remove the three 13mm bolts and gently lift starter out, […]

Rewind Victa Pull Start Cord

In todays tutorial we will be showing you how to rewind a victa pull start. These pull starts can sometimes become bit loose, or completely unwind once your cable snaps or while you’re changing the handle.

Tools and parts needed:

Phillips head screwdriver
Flat Head screwdriver
Replacement cord if required

Changing Spark Plug

Tools/Parts Required Spark Plug SpannerPliersReplacement Spark PlugSpark Plug Boot If Necessary  Step 1. To begin with we removed the spark plug from the engine. Step 2 To test the plug we connect the lead and ground the spark plug by placing its body against the engine or mower deck. The pull-start must then be pulled; whilst […]