Victa Disassembly Guide Part III – Chassis

Tools/Parts Required PliersSocket Wrench – 11mm SocketAdjustable SpannerFlat Head Screwdriver Step 1.Remove the back wheels by first removing the plastic cover then the e-clip which holds them in place, they may now slide off the shaft. the front wheels may be removed by the same method, however if you would like to completely remove the axle […]

Victa Wheel Bearing Replacement/Upgrade

Tools/Parts Required Flat Head ScrewdriverHammerBearings Step 1.Remove the wheel cover with a flat head screw driver, also remove the e-clip with the flat head screw driver – be careful not to lose it as you may need it later.Step 2The wheel should now be able to be pulled off the shaft, also remove the bearing behind […]

Victa Catcher Spring Installation

Tools/Parts Required. Locking Pliers Hammer Flat Head Screwdriver Replacement Catcher Spring (Click Here)   Step 1. At the top of the catcher plate there is a metal bar (the spring sits on this bar), it must be removed for us to get the old spring off. To remove it just bend the metal tab on […]

Victa Air Tubing Replacement

Tools/Parts Required Replacement Tubing Approx 750mmPhillips Head ScrewdriverFlat Head Screwdriver Step 1.Remove the top cover from the mower, remove the carburetor from the engine by twisting it. Remove the top cover from the carburetor and dismantle the carburetor down to the throttle connection (click here for G4 carburetor dismantle video for extra help). Disconnect the throttle […]

Victa Axle Clip Replacement

Tools/Parts Required Multi-Grips/PliersVicta Axle Clip & Bush Step 1.Remove any remnants of the old axle clip or bushing. The bushing can be removed by opening it up and pulling it away from the axle.Step 2Place the new bushing in place, the same way as the old one was removed (it may be more difficult to pry […]

Victa Wheel & Bearing Replacement

Tools/Parts Required HammerWheel Bearing & ClipFlat Head Screwdriver Step 1.Use the screw driver to lever off the clip holding the wheel in place (be careful not to lose it). Once removed you can slide the wheel off of its shaft.Step 2Remove the old bearing from the wheel by using the screw driver to lever it out. […]

Axle Clip Quick/Temporary Fix

Tools/Parts Required Steel Wire PliersWire Cutters Step 1.Thread fencing wire through the hole indicated in the video, start with the hole closest to the back of the mower in order to more easily thread the wire through completely.Step 2thread the wire back through the hole closest to the front of the mower and bend it down, using […]

Fixing Bent Wheels

Tools/Parts Required Pry Bar  Step 1.Check your wheels and axles for any damage and if it all looks okay slowly bend the wheels outward. If the axle is sliding about putting a foot on one wheel while you bend.Step 2If your axle is loose the clips could be the problem they are briefly pointed out in this […]

Wheel Bearing Replacement

Tools/Parts Required 2 Flat Head ScrewdriverSocket Wrench – 17mmRubber MalletWheel Bearing Kit Step 1.Remove any wheel covers and pry off the clip holding the wheel in place. it may break or shoot off quite fast.Step 2Remove the wheel and either replace with a new ball bearing type wheel or replace the bearings if the wheel is the correct […]