Cylinder Honing

Learn how to hone the cylinder of a lawn mower engine

Tools/Parts Required 

  • Cylinder Honing Tool, 100MM length, Must fit bore 61.5cm
  • Electric Drill

Step 1.

Disassemble mower down to an empty clean bore.

Step 2

Please note it is important that a cross hatch pattern is left after honing the bore this helps bed in the new rings, this can be achieved by moving the hone in and out as you go similar to that seen in the video. If honing for a new piston which is the same size as the old one, use some oil in the bore and only quickly hone a little bit at a time, this will make sure you do not wear to much away too quickly.

Step 3

If honing for an oversized piston do not use oil, until you are close to the required size of the new piston. At this point you may use some oil to slow the cutting speed and get an accurate finish.

Step 4

Be mindful that too little honing is much easier to fix then too much.

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