Fix Leaky Victa Primer Cap

Learn how to fix a Victa that is leaking petrol out of the carburetor.

Tools/Parts Required 

  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Carburetor Cleaner
  • Replacement Fuel Line If Required
  • Carburetor Repair Kit If Required

Step 1.

Turn off the fuel and remove the screw that secures the Primer Cap and then remove the fuel hose.

Step 2

Carefully remove the Primer Cap being mindful of all the small parts especially the needle, then clean all the parts and the carburetor carefully as shown.

Step 3

Once all the parts are clean you can check the seal for damage, and also check the float and needle as these parts all need to be in good order to stop any leaks, if the needle or float is damaged fuel leaks out the primer, if the seal is damaged fuel will leak out the bottom.

Step 4

Once all the parts are clean or replaced you may reassemble and hopefully be leak free!


    • A high Rev is usually caused by a few things, it could be worn out seals between the carburetor and engine, or starter housing and engine, it can also be a worn out carburetor, particularly the large plastic jet that runs through the middle and is moved up and down as the throttle is adjusted.

  1. Hi mate, just want to congratulate you on an awesome website. I’m an IT guru and know little about small engines and mechanics, but I replaced the height adjuster and blades recently on our Victa and thought I’d have a go at repairing the carby. Your vid helped immensely.

  2. my mower doesnt want to start. It has spark i also changed the spark plug, the carby fills with petrol as i have taken the prima plate off a couple times and fuel has been in the carby and i cleaned the carby

    • Hi Shane

      If you put some fuel directly into the cylinder by removing the spark plug will the mower fire or try to start? if so you have a fuel bloackage, If not your mower may need a new piston and rings due to low compression.

  3. Hi my mower changes revs between high and low automatically when running. The throttle lever remains in place but the revs fluctuate while idling and while mowing, grass not long and clumpy causing the mower to work hard then easy. This happens even while the mower is stationary, any suggestions?

    • Hi Scott

      Fluctuations of the revs without changing the throttle postion or mowing through tall grass is most likely caused by worn seals either in the carburetor and intake, Or in the crankcase this causes air leaks which changes the air fuel mixture causing the engine to speed up or slow down by itself

  4. Hi my name is David I have a 2nd Hand Victa Lawnmower & I have recently replaced the Primer cap , O Ring & Float & it is still leaking petrol & will stall after a couple of minutes I would like your advice please call me on ####-###-###

  5. I had the same problem as David above (except I didn’t replace the float as well) and was wondering about the solution if leaking from the bottom of the primer cap? I also unfortunately over tightened the jet/screw thinking it may not be in enough which then snapped, so i need to get another one if they are easily obtainable aswell?

    • Hi David

      If you have a new primer cap and o-ring and the leak is still happening it is usually due to a worn housing, You can use a liquid gasket or vaseline around the housing to help the oring form better seal. The brass jet is called the main jet and is available on the webstore. As you discovered they are easily damaged by over-tightening.

  6. My victa mower wont start, i realised that the gauze around the screw/needle is missing, will this cause the mower to not start…

    • Hi John

      No the missing gauze will not effect the operation of the mower unless it has blocked up the jet inside the screw

    • Hi mate I have an old victa vantage 2 stroke. Turns over but doesn’t start unless float needle is taken out but then fuel spills out of primer bulb. Any ideas? Cheers

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