Modern Victa 2 Strokes 1984 Onwards

Modern Victa Lawn Mowers 1984-Present

Since 1984 and the Release of the Victa Vortex Featuring the "Power-Torque" Engine there has been no significant changes to the engine design, The Power Torque Engine powers all 2 stroke Victa mowers from 1984 to the present day, There is many variants with many names, Below are some images of different mowers with the power torque engine. 

The Victa Power Torque Engine was released in 1984 with the Victa Vortex, It has been used in every Victa 2 stroke lawn mower since with minor changes in some special models outline below.

  • Victa Power Plus used high compression head with no decompressor & a less restrictive exhaust
  • Some Commercial & Utility Models use larger intake hose & a straight inlet manifold
  • All Power Torque engine use the LM (Late Model) Version of the G4 Carburetor, It Features a white primer cap with bulb compared with the early model G4 Carburetor which had a grey cap with no primer.

The Power Torque Engine can be distinguished from early models by shape of its cylinder head which is square rather then circular.

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