Rare Victa 2 Stroke Mowers

Victa 500 Twin & Supreme

The Victa 500 Twin was briefly produced during the 70's it featured a twin cylinder 170cc 2 stroke engine & an all alloy base. It came in 2 models the 500 twin & the later model the supreme. 

  • Pictured Left is the 500 Twin 
  • Pictured Right is the 170cc Twin Cylinder Engine

Victa 85 Compact & Lightweight

The Victa Compact & Lightweight were released with the Victa 500 twin & are powered by 85cc 2 stroke engines, These engines are actually one half of a 500 twin with a plate covering the hole in the crankcase. These mower where designed to be light & easy to use.

  • Pictured Left is the Lightweight
  • Pictured Right is the Compact

Victa vc160, 125cc & Sports

The Victa VC160 & Sports during the 70's These are rare today and difficult to come by. There is also 125cc Variants of the VC160 and other models released during this time frame

  • Pictured Left Victa sports
  • Pictured Right VC160

Victa Vortex

The Vortex was released in late 1983 & was produced during the eighties, It was the biggest change to Victa Mowers since the VC-160 Incorporating the new Power Torque Engine & GTS Electronic Ignition

  • Victa Vortex Ad 1984
  • Victa Vortex Ad 1987
  • Victa Tilt A Cut Edger

    The Victa Tilt a Cut Lawn Edger was produced in both the 80 series & Power Torque Engines, These models are rare due to the limited sales when compared with lawn mowers and are unique to find these days.

  • Pictured Left is a Power Torque Tilt a Cut
  • Pictured Right is a Comparison between an 80 series & Power Torque


    1. G’day, I have a Victa Tiltacut. I recently rebuilt the carby, new diaphragm, float, needle, endcap and replaced tap and hose. It starts and runs okay at idle and just above. When powered up to max it runs okay for a short time then increases in revs and stops. Sometimes it can be kept running if returned to idle. I have checked the flow of fuel between old and new tap and the new one seems to have a much reduced flow. Have you come across this before? Unfortunately I can’t try the old tap back on the engine because it is broken.

      • Hi Phil

        I would take the needle out and shave approx 0.5mm from the end that sits against the float this will increase fuel flow into the carburetor bowl and may solve the problem.

    2. Hi Guys,
      I use your site a lot. I have a red Victa Vortex which I believe I purchased in 1983 From Small Motors GLADSTONE.
      I still have the mower and use it regularly. I believe there is a story that NSW changed the rules about stopping time and the Vortex didn’t comply. I also have a Corvette, a Craftsman and one other.

    3. Hi, I just stumbled on this discussion, notice there are three models in order being the Orange, Green and the Gold, I have the Orange and the Gold but there was mention in another site of a Purple one, do you have a picture of it or does it not exist please

    4. Thanks for that, I will assume it was a one off customer make up.
      Is there someone here with a recommendation for pressure pack can paint brand and colour for the restorations I am going to embark on? I would like to find catchers also, I think I have a generic black one I can get from a friend but I would like find a Orange one and a Green one for the rebuilds, The generic black one, if I get it, will be most suited to the Gold Machine. Why do I want to rebuild three? Great question. but I have no answer, probably the same reason I buy and restore Antique Clocks, it passes the time, I and others get to enjoy the results. making things go that don’t or wont go has its own rewards.

    5. We just bought the Series 80 Tilt a Cut Edger. Can anyone confirm the BLADE DISC FOR VICTA TILT-A-CUT is ME63222G? Is there only one size we need to ask for? Cheers Jo

      • Hi Jo

        Yes ME63222G Is the correct part number for a Tilt a Cut Edger Disc, We can order you one if interested simply contact us at “support@pushmowerrepair.com.au”

    6. Dear Sir,
      I have my father’s Victor mower here. He past away on 1993 he had the mower for many many years before. I have the original owners Manual. He has marked replacement parts page with a cross against Mower Model Number. AF055. Could you tell me how old this wonderful little mower would be. It still works fine. The reason for this Email is a young boy who does my yards with his Dad wants to have his own mower and would like to.buy mine. Still.have the catcher. I love this little mower and know it would be loved. Please let me know if you can how much it would be to sell.it.
      Thank you.

      • Hi Muriel

        Send us some pictures of the mower by email to “support@pushmowerrepair.com.au” and we can help

    7. I found a Victa VC160 Sports from the 70’s in a hard rubbish collection yesterday. After a very small amount of work, I have found that the piston is not seized and definitely has compression. What are these babies worth after restoration?

    8. So after some more work to restore this magnificent beast, I now know that my mower is a victa 2-stroke 70 series mark 4. With part code V147 on the air filter box. I can only find pictures of my mower in 2 places. 1 is a post on a very old forum and after careful reading and comparing of pictures, I am %90 sure the one I have just acquired is the one pictured on the forum. The 2nd place is your rare mowers page. Honestly, again, the one you have pictured has some very very similar marketing’s! The only real difference is the age difference ( the deterioration over time )

    9. I am %100 that the picture you have of the rare, Victa 2-stroke VC-SPORT from the 70’s is the mower I am currently restoring!!!!

    10. I have a yellow plastic body vortex movel from early or mid 1980’s the model is marque2

      Is this worth much ? The engine has been looked after always service. One owner. My step dad.

    11. Hi i am from RSA, i have a Victa Sports of wich i need a recoil starter assembly. I have a Victa VC160 also and also need a recoil starter assembly aswell as gas tanks for both. Any help wil be appreciated

    12. I am wrapped that you have a picture of my yellow vortex on your site , it was a few years ago since that pic was taken , I still use the vortex on odd occasions just for a run , also do have a couple of twins in really good condition , gold and orange , and the light weight if you need pictures of those as well for your site , ,

    13. I have a green and gold ‘Legend 2000’ edition 18” V160 2 stroke was bought out at the time of the Olympics in Sydney in 2000. I have had it since new used almost weekly on big big lawns nearly 1 acre, 2 houses on my block. I and family members mow half with my now second catcher and half without just replaced the whole 4 wheels for the second time the original bearings loose in the plastic with grease are not much cop.they need proper bearings as in the new wheels I bought. Biggest secret to keep the mower starting first pop is to keep the fuel mixture a real accurate 25:1. Mower still goes as hard as ever – a real legend.

    14. Hi there, I’ve still got my father’s original 1974 orange Victa Sports 2 stroke mower in excellent condition. It’s the series 70, mach3, 160cc single cylinder engine. The motor and chassis is fine and I love how light its is being aluminium. The only issue is the pull start slips on the aluminium cup so will not turn over. I replaced this cup a while back but the same thing happens so I’ve just parked it up. I really want to get it going and use it on my small lawn. Please any advice would be appreciated.
      Mick from Gold Coast

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