Rare Victa 2 Stroke Mowers

Victa 500 Twin & Supreme

The Victa 500 Twin was briefly produced during the 70's it featured a twin cylinder 170cc 2 stroke engine & an all alloy base. It came in 2 models the 500 twin & the later model the supreme. 

  • Pictured Left is the 500 Twin 
  • Pictured Right is the 170cc Twin Cylinder Engine

Victa 85 Compact & Lightweight

The Victa Compact & Lightweight were released with the Victa 500 twin & are powered by 85cc 2 stroke engines, These engines are actually one half of a 500 twin with a plate covering the hole in the crankcase. These mower where designed to be light & easy to use.

  • Pictured Left is the Lightweight
  • Pictured Right is the Compact

Victa vc160, 125cc & Sports

The Victa VC160 & Sports during the 70's These are rare today and difficult to come by. There is also 125cc Variants of the VC160 and other models released during this time frame

  • Pictured Left Victa sports
  • Pictured Right VC160

Victa Vortex

The Vortex was released in late 1983 & was produced during the eighties, It was the biggest change to Victa Mowers since the VC-160 Incorporating the new Power Torque Engine & GTS Electronic Ignition

  • Victa Vortex Ad 1984
  • Victa Vortex Ad 1987
  • Victa Tilt A Cut Edger

    The Victa Tilt a Cut Lawn Edger was produced in both the 80 series & Power Torque Engines, These models are rare due to the limited sales when compared with lawn mowers and are unique to find these days.

  • Pictured Left is a Power Torque Tilt a Cut
  • Pictured Right is a Comparison between an 80 series & Power Torque
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