Victa 70 & 80 Series

Victa 70 & 80 Series 1971-1983


G3 Carburetor

Pictured Left is the G3 Carburetor Used on the 70 Series Engines, 70 Series engine can be modified to suit the later G4 Carburetor by replacing the barrel with an 80 Series version, Piston & Head should also be used to keep the matching parts with even wear together, New Gaskets should also be used.



G4 Carburetor

Pictured Left is the G4 Carburetor used on the 80 series engines, This model had no primer bulb and was succeeded by the modern G4 Carburetor which is often referred to as the LM (Late Model) This has a primer bulb which also easier starting. Most Parts are Interchangeable between the G4 & LM Carburetors

Victa Spare Parts Reference 1970-1991

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