Victa Models 1955-1971

Victa Model Identification 1955-1971

Victa Rotomo Infomation

Click here to view a PDF showing information on the Victa Rotomo models 1-3

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Victa Models 1955-1971

Click here to view a PDF showing Victa Models from 1955-1971

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Victa 1955-1969 Parts Manual

Click here to view a replacement parts manual for Victa Mowers From 1955-1969

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  1. I am trying to determine the year my husband’s victa hurricane 2 stroke lawn mower may have been manufactured. Can you help with this enquiry???

  2. Early model Victa 2stroke mower. Has bi- metal carb.
    Wanting lower end crankshaft Seal and parts onwards. Including crankshaft nut.

  3. Hi I have a old Vichta Electric mower model number VB 141AO that was given to me by my Uncle. Is it of any value?

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