Victa Models 1955-1971

Victa Model Identification 1955-1971

Victa Rotomo Infomation

Click here to view a PDF showing information on the Victa Rotomo models 1-3

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Victa Models 1955-1971

Click here to view a PDF showing Victa Models from 1955-1971

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Victa 1955-1969 Parts Manual

Click here to view a replacement parts manual for Victa Mowers From 1955-1969

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  1. I am trying to determine the year my husband’s victa hurricane 2 stroke lawn mower may have been manufactured. Can you help with this enquiry???

  2. Early model Victa 2stroke mower. Has bi- metal carb.
    Wanting lower end crankshaft Seal and parts onwards. Including crankshaft nut.

  3. Hi I have a old Vichta Electric mower model number VB 141AO that was given to me by my Uncle. Is it of any value?

  4. Hi. I’m pulling my hair out trying to work out the required bolts etc for a refurb of a Victa 18 model 4, 5 and 5 special. The rotomo information has everything listed including bolt species. Does anything like this exist dor the 4 and t?

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