Remove Victa Blade Boss

Learn how to remove the Blade Boss on a Victa lawn mower


Tools/Parts Required.

  • Anvil
  • Hammer
  • WD-40/Lubricant

Step 1.

Remove the engine from the lawn mower (click here for a tutorial). When looking at the blade boss you will notice on one side there is a hole, fill this with WD-40.

Step 2

Place the boss over the anvil and hit it with a hammer, rotating the blade boss as you do so, this should loosen it and allow it to be removed.

Step 3

This is by far the easiest method we know of, an alternative is to use two jaw.pullers, however it will be difficult to find a pair small enough to fit.

One Comment

  1. The method of anvil bashing didnt work for me. I used my school project 2 blade puller with 2 coacn bolts to just fit under the boss. This needed a G clamp against the 2 bolts to stop them pulling out but you could also grind some of the bolt head to improve grip on the boss. Worked a treat but boss & flywheel came off as one.

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