Rewind Victa Pull Start Cord

Learn how to rewind a Victa pull start.

Tools/Parts Required 

  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Replacement Cord If Required

Step 1.

Firstly, turn off the fuel and disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor.

Step 2

Then unscrew the top cover and remove it along with the fuel tank.

Step 3

Once the pull start is exposed you may simply pry the cord up and rewind it as shown in the video.

Step 4

If the cord has snapped or needs replacing it’s as simple as cutting the old one out and putting the new one in before rewinding as the video demonstrates. Wind only 5-6 times before checking if the cord has been wound to tightly; without caution the pull start spring may snap, which is a more advanced and expensive repair.

Step 5

Once cord is rewound, reassemble mower.


  1. I am experiencing problems with an old victa power torque engine pulling the starter cord out of my hand when I try to start it. I have looked at everything without success.I took the tube off the decompression unit but it still does it. Can anyone help? Regards

    • Hi

      The problem you describe suggests to me that your victa’s flywheel key is sheared causing the ignition timing to be off, you will need to dis-asemble your victa and inspect the flywheel key to see if this is the case.

      • On 7th June I asked for help with a problem with a power torque engine. I wish to thank the person who replied with a suggestion that the flywheel keyway could be sheared. He was correct but unfortunately I tested the engine without securing the flywheel which flew off and disintegrated. Thank you again for the interest and prompt reply. Regards Ian Godfrey

        • Hi Ian

          Glad we could help you find the problem, Sorry to hear about the flywheel shooting off and getting destroyed. If you’d be interested we could supply you with a secondhand flywheel if you send us and email via the contact us section.

  2. Provide me with information where can i get G4 carburetor parts for victa lawnmower .i am staying in KZN . I looking forward to hear a positive result in the near future . Thanks a million.

    • Hi

      I would not know anywhere close to you where you could get Victa Parts. But we would be happy to post parts to you, Our Store is setup for international shipping to most country’s.

  3. Tried as per your video and only problem is that after 5 or more clockwise turns the motor doesn’t seem to ‘recoil’ or create any tension on the new cord… so it just all hangs out…. great video, thought you had solved my problem !

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