Throttle Cable Trimming and Z-Bending

Learn how to trim and replace a universal throttle cable, as well as how to make a z-bend

Tools/Parts Required 

  • Replacement Throttle Cable
  • Z-bending Tool
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

Step 1.

Remove old throttle cable from your lawn mower.

Step 2

Install new throttle cable on your mowers handle. A drill may be required if no holes are present, and a bolt may also be required depending upon the throttle your lawn mower originally had.

Step 3

Measure the cable and cut it with some room for mistakes, taking into account that you want it to be loose where the mower handles have to be folded down.

Step 4

Cut a few cm of black cover off the cable, giving you enough cable to create a z-bend and have full throttle functionality. Be mindful that the cable cover is coiled steel wire and can be cut easily if you locate the one point you need to cut, this is demonstrated in the video.

Step 5

Once the cover is off you may create a z-bend using a z-bender or pliers.

Step 6

You may now tighten the throttle cable to your engine and test to make sure everything is working well.


  1. G’day, does the universal throttle cable adapt to a victor powerstroke mower easily…?
    Does it attach easily inside the G4 carb?
    Many thanks, SB

    • Hi

      The universal cable is only suitable for 4 stroke engines, It will not work with a 2 stroke power torque engine.

    • Hi Simon

      If you contact us using the contact page with the outer wire length and inner wire length of your current cable we can see if we can order you a replacement

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