Victa 2 Stroke Fuel & Starting Tips

Learn some tips to keep your Victa lawn mower running well and starting as it should

Tools/Parts Required 

  • 2- Stroke Oil & Unleaded Petrol 

Step 1.

When filling with petrol ensure a 25 part petrol to 1 part oil mixture. For example, in a 5L petrol can, 4.8L needs to be petrol, 200mL needs to be oil.

Step 2

Try to avoid leaving your mower out in the elements this can extend wear and cause corrosion to your mower significantly reducing its life.

Step 3

Always turn the fuel tap to the off position after you have finished using the lawn mower.

Step 4

When starting your lawn mower, turn the fuel tap on, then wait a few seconds for the petrol to reach the carburetor before trying to start the mower. Prime the carburetor three times, then attempt to start.


    • Hi

      You should be able to run your victa 50:1 Using the synthetic two stroke oil, I do not know whether it will affect the reliability. I would assume the higher quality oil would make up for the lighter mix

  1. I always drain the mower fuel tank after use and put it into an air tight container. The fuel lasts much longer. left in the tank the fuel degrades through the breather and if left long enough it will not start or at least becomes very hard to start.

  2. I always start my mower with a spray of start you bastard and never had any problems ,I do let the fuel run dry after closing the turn off valve .

  3. I always turn the fuel tap off and let the engine run out of fuel so no fuel is left in the carburetor which over time would evaporate and leave the oil content still in the carby. Over time that would leed to carby problems. I always run my mower at 20:1 and my chainsaw. A bit extra oil for lubrication is better than not enough. Always starts first time once the fuel tap is turned on and 3 slow primes.

  4. I’m embarrassed! In refilling my Victa 2-stroke I believe I may have got the mixture incorrect as it will not start whatever I try. Presumably the corrupt mixture wrong so I should now drain the tank. How do I do this and do I need to clean up the carburetor, if so how.


    • Hi Wokka

      You should drain the fuel tank by removing the fuel hose from the front of the carburetor. Then you should remove the front of the carburetor by undoing the brass screw, Drain out any fuel and carefully reassemble. Be mindful that there is a small needle that can easily be lost if dropped in the grass during disassembly.

  5. You’ll need to mix at 25:1 (40mls oil per 1 litre fuel)
    He is probably thinking if someone has a container that holds 5 litres then someone may think if they put an extra 200ml in it will overflow. Maybe just fill your 5 litre container with 4 litres of fuel and add 160ml of oil. That gives room to shake it and also not overflow it if you fill up at the petrol station pump.

    • We would recommend turning off the fuel tap and running the mower until it runs out of petrol then remove the primer cap and clean out any petrol remaining prior to storage.

  6. I have a victa super cut 2 stroke walk behind mower.

    I have two questions

    1. What is the correct fuel ratio

    2. What type of fuel to use (E10, 91 or 98)

    • Synthetic oils are engineered to endure harsh engine conditions while still maintaining there lubricating properties for longer then non synthetic variants. This added benefit is mostly wasted on 2 strokes as the oil does not stay within the engine long enough for these benefits to be realized.

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