Victa Advanced Pull-Start Repair

Learn how to fix a Victa pull-start which has had the coil unwound, and how to replace an absent or broken pull-start cord.

Tools/Parts Required.

  • Tin Snips
  • Pliers.
  • Spanner - 24mm
  • Locking Pliers
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Socket Wrench - 12mm Socket
  • Replacement Starter Cord 3.5mm



Step 1.

Turn of the fuel, remove the fuel line along with the top cover and place it aside.

Step 2

Remove the starter by undoing the three bolts holding it in place with the socket wrench these bolts are usually 11mm or 12mm. If there is no crank case seal it will need replacing (available here).

Step 3

Lock the bottom of the pull start in place with the locking pliers, lock the pliers in a vice and use the 24mm wrench to undo the bolt in the top side of the pull-start. After loosening the top bolt, unwind the bottom section with your hands and remove it (do not lose the clip around the bottom of the pull-start). Then remove the top section, revealing the pull-start coil.

Step 4

There should be a U-shaped bend on the inside end of the starter coil, often this bends and is what causes the pull-start to lose tension. Bend the coil back into shape (in the appropriate direction, so as to latch onto the tab on the metal section of the pull start), if need be you may cut a portion off the end of the coil if it is beyond repair, do not remove more than is necessary. When working with the starter coil be careful not to let the entire coil unwind.

Step 5

If the cord needs replacing thread it through the intended hole and tie a knot in the cord, then wrap it around the plastic section of the pull start (clockwise).

Step 6

Reassemble all parts of the pull-start, when replacing the bottom bolt ensure that it is aligned correctly with its clip and (this can be difficult as it tends to move during tightening, so keep an eye on it).

Step 7

If the cord doesn’t wind in all the way it may be necessary to spin it around the pull-start one or two more times (click here for video). If the cord is now winding back without any problems reassemble your mower.



  1. Hi,
    I have a 160cc Catcher, run with 25 to 1 mix. relatively low hours at maybe 100 or so.
    I have an engine knock at start and stop! Sound like the bid end, is this likely or is their something else I should check first. I’ve fitted new blades and this assembly look fine, the blade plate is tight!
    Martin (UK)

  2. Thanks fellas! You guys have saved me several tens of dollars by now. More to the point, you have enabled and empowered me with your videos, I am forever in your debt.

  3. I have watched several of your amazing videos on Victa lawnmower repairs and have found them excellent. Really good easy to follow instructions that even an idiot like me can follow. Thanks you guys, well done. From New Zealand

  4. hi I recently purchased a starter coil and cord from you guys. Thanks. When I tighten the 24mm bolt the pull start does not rewind.
    it appears to work fine until I tighten the final bit. Once I fully tuighten it it wont pull out smoothly and won’t rewind.
    I think I have the clip in right place (according to the video).
    anything else I should be checking?

    • Hi Ian

      This is a common problem, The bolt needs to be slightly loosened for the assembly to work if the bolt is tighten too much it does not rewind.

  5. Lachlan thanks mate. I’ve got that working now. Mower still won’t start.
    Compression is at 60psi with new rings fitted – is that high enough?
    when I try to start it there is a sound that seems like air escaping the compression champer, I cant seem to track it down though – any ideas?
    There is spark.
    I’ve replaced carby float pin and seal and there appears to be fuel.
    appreciate any ideas you may have.
    I’m determined to get it going.

    • Hi Ian

      60psi is too low in most cases, If you can hear air escaping it is most likely the head gasket, it can also be a faulty decompressor but this is less likely.

  6. Lachlan,

    I replaced the head gasket when I replaced the piston rings. The decompressor appears to work ok. its very confusing.
    what compression should I be getting? any other ideas?
    thanks again for your help.

    • Hi Ian

      Did you remove the old gasket and sand the head and block smooth before fitting the new gasket? Gaskets can blow out quite easily if the surfaces are not well prepared. You need at least 80psi preferably around 100psi with new rings.

  7. hello there,
    the spring in our lawnmower (victa) does not spring back. If I take the top off, and turn the assembly a little…then it will start to spring back, but not fully….
    then I turn assembly some more and it turns some more…until finally cord is back and ready to pull again. This happens all the time.
    Can you suggest the reason and make a suggestion as to how to repair.?
    New spring necessary?
    Cut spring and make a bit shorter?

    Spring is dirty and and needs cleaning and rewinding?

    your opinion (without looking) will be well-recieved.


    • Hi Rae

      It sounds like the spring is slipping, This happens when it becomes worn or damaged and cannot lock in place properly, It will allow you to rewind a few turns but then loses tension again,

  8. Hi guys,

    great DIY videos thank you. I have being trying to fix the pulley system on my Victa Tornado VSX160. And every time I attach the pliers and put in the vice to try and unscrew it dosnt want to budge and is starting to bend metal where the pliers are clamped in and then just comes loose from the pliers with out unscrewing. Any suggestion on how to loosen or unscrew the pulley system ?

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