Victa Air Filter Replacement/Service

Learn how to check and replace a Victa air filter.

Tools/Parts Required 

  • Flat Head Screwdriver

Step 1.

Locate your air filter and remove the cover.

Step 2

Remove old air filter and either clean or replace it with a new one.


    • Surging is usually a fluctuation in the air fuel mix, It can be caused by a blocked up carburetor or air leaks in the engine

  1. Hello I have a victa standard 2 mower model AAOO6AA94 I have watched your video on how to take the air filter out but the cap is jammed and I cant get it off

  2. How do you replace the part that houses the air filter? The throttle on that housing is very brittle after many years on my victa lawn mower.

    • They are not available new so the only way to replace the housing is to find a good used part you can replace it with.

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