Victa Blade Sharpening

Learn how to keep the blades on your lawnmower sharp

Tools/Parts Required.



Step 1.

Either disconnect the fuel line and remove the top cover or empty fuel from the mower before turning it onto its side.

Step 2

Inspect the condition of the installed blades to determine whether they are able to be sharpened or need replacing completely. The main things to look for are that the blade is fully intact (no parts have been broken off) and that the blade doesn’t wobble excessively on the backplate (some movement should be present).

Step 3

The blades need removing from the blade carrier before sharpening. Either reach behind the blade carrier.of the mower and undo the blades (requires socket wrench and allen key), or if this is not easily accomplished, you can remove the entire blade carrier from the mower by loosening the main bolt holding it in place (with a socket wrench). If necessary lodge a piece of wood, or something equivalent, between the blade carrier and chassis to keep everything from moving and allow the bolt to be removed. After removing the blade carrier undo the bolts holding the blades in place.

Step 4

Now that the blades have been removed place them in a vice one at a time, using the file to create a nice even edge on each blade. When using the file only ever go in one direction (either file up or file down, not both). File only the top side of the blade as shown in the video, it is not necessary to file both sides.

Step 5

After the blades have been sharpened attach them to the blade carrier once again, You may want to use new bolts if you think your’s have been compromised from the stress of undoing them. (click here for link to blade installation if needed). If you needed to remove the blade carrier before removing the blades now is the time to reattach it to your mower. Ensure that the washer is placed before the nut when tightening the blade carrier – the washer should line up with 2 square protrusions at the base of the bolt (Make sure to face the "nut side" Indicated on the washer towards the nut or your blade plate may not be secured properly.

Step 6

Once everything has been tightened in place flip the mower onto its wheels, place the top cover on again and reconnect the fuel line.


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