Victa Disassembly Part II

Learn how to replace an completely disassemble a Victa Power-torque lawn mower engine.

Tools/Parts Required 

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Small Wooden Block
  • Rag
  • Socket Wrench - 10mm & 12mm Socket
  • Victa Crank Pin Tool
  • Anvil
  • Hammer

Step 1.

Undo the two Phillips head screws that hold the carburetor manifold to the engine block.

Step 2

Undo the decompressor using the appropriate spanner.

Step 3

Remove the spark plug boot and undo the 4 bolts that hold the cylinder head in place as seen in the video.

Step 4

Gently push the piston down the bore and stuff a rag into the bore, then put the head back on and loosely secure it to the block. this stops the crank from spinning and allows you to remove the crank pin easily.

Step 5

Remove the three 12mm bolts from the starter housing and lift off the housing allowing you access to the crank pin.

Step 6

Use your crank pin tool to loosen the pin, it can be very stiff WD-40 and some banging with a hammer can loosen them, alternatively heating can also help.

Step 7

Remove the cylinder head and rag then Gently push the piston and connecting rod out of the bore.

Step 8 

Remove the condenser and electrical wires using your Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 9

Remove the Ignition coil by undoing the two 12mm bolts. keep note of any washers present.

Step 10

Place the Blade Boss on an anvil or similar surface and spray it with lubricant. then firmly hit with a hammer as you rotate the boss and it should easily come off.

Step 11

Place the engine block onto some wood blocks and then use your small wooden block and hammer to tap out the crankshaft, once the crankshaft is removed the flywheel and bearings will be accessible for replacement and/or repair.


  1. Great video and demonstration! Could I suggest that instead of taking the head off and on, you poke as much rope as needed in through the spark plug hole. For me I find it a lot easier.
    Thanks again.

  2. Great video and description but what about re assembly and in particular resetting the engine timing.?

  3. Is there a video this or can you advise how the timing is corrected after major blade damage preventing further engine start. I will be very grateful for answers before the grass gets higher!

    • Hi Dave

      Reassembly should be simply the reverse of the disassembly process. There is no need to reset the timing on these victa engines as there is no flywheel key to shear off. The only way to mess up the timing is to severely damage the crankshaft and or flywheel which would be an impressive feat. If the crankshaft is straight and the flywheel has not been damaged then the timing will be correct.

      That being said the blades and blade carrier must be fitted when starting the engine as these make up part of the engines reciprocating mass and the timing will be incorrect if they are not fitted.

  4. Great video but another method to remove the boss is to heat the boss up with a gas torch then I use a hammer and a block of wood to avoid striking the boss directly with the hammer. Metal expands when heated and the boss usually comes of very easily with that method. Striking the boss directly with a hammer can cause compound dents in the boss resulting in the boss to be out of round. I don’t mean to be critical but we can all learn from each other. These tutorials are great.

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