Victa Disassembly Guide Part III – Chassis

Learn how to completely disassemble the chassis of a Victa lawn mower.

Tools/Parts Required 

  • Pliers
  • Socket Wrench - 11mm Socket
  • Adjustable Spanner
  • Flat Head Screwdriver

Step 1.

Remove the back wheels by first removing the plastic cover then the e-clip which holds them in place, they may now slide off the shaft. the front wheels may be removed by the same method, however if you would like to completely remove the axle with both wheels attached the height adjuster (held in by 1 e-clip) and axle clips must first be removed.

Step 2

The rear axle is held in place by two bolts at the back of the chassis, on the bar underneath the catcher flap – after removing these the axle should come away (there is also brackets the bolts hold in place – don’t lose them).

Step 3

The handle is held in place by two bolts and two brackets at the base – they are easily visible when viewing the mower from the top. There are also brackets on the under side. With everything removed the handles will come away.

Step 4

To remove the catcher flap bend down both tabs on either side at the top of the flap and with a hammer and a screw driver tap the bar out and the flap will them come away.

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  1. Great posts fellows, Im not mechanical in anyway however I have pulled apart my victor mower corvett had it powder coated and about to rebuild because of you guys. Anything I need I will certainly be purchasing through you guys like my recent carbie service kit brought last week. Keep up the good work guys..

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