Victa Fuel Tap Replacement

Learn how to replace a leaking or dysfunctional fuel tap on a Victa lawn mower.

Tools/Parts Required.

Step 1.

Turn the installed fuel tap to the off position. Remove the screws holding the top cover on, unplug the fuel line and remove the top cover from the mower.

Step 2

Hold the fuel tank (attached to top cover) so that the fuel tap is facing the side and is at the top (to avoid fuel leaking). Unscrew the fuel tap by turning it in a counter-clockwise direction.

Step 3

Insert the new fuel tap into the hole from which the previous one was removed and tighten by moving it in a clockwise direction until it is firmly in place.

Step 4

Connect the fuel line to the fuel tap, place the top cover in position again. Connect the fuel line to the carburetor and turn the fuel tap to the on position.


    • Hi Mate

      The 2 stroke mowers have fuel taps, Only some of the 4 stroke models have fuel taps the quantum 50 does not have one in many cases.

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