Victa G4 Ignition Wires

Learn how to install the Ignition Wires in a Victa lawn mower with a G4 Carburetor.

Tools/Parts Required 

  • Victa Stop Switch Cover & Plug

Step 1.

Place the cover over the ignition wire and then place the plug on the end as shown in the video. Then place the throttle in the middle position so you can insert the wire with the plug into the Carburetor.

Step 2

Place the cover on and secure it in place using the other ignition wire.


  1. Dear sir .After seeing your lesson ,i try to do but my machine won’t start.Do i have to do something else to make it start.Bye.

    • Hi

      there is many things that can cause your mower not to start the first thing to check would be whether your mower is creating a spark and whether fuel is making it into the combustion chamber.

  2. Hi to the guys at push mower repairs,
    I’ve got two vista mowers that have been sat at the back of the garage for many years and if decided to get them working ready for the summer, I have no spark on either machine and have followed your tutorials for coil checks, ignition control module check and this small ignition on off switch (the two wires into the carburetor) and nothing seems to be working??? I’ve replaced the spark plug also and still nothing? Any hidden tricks you may have would be very helpful.

    • Hi

      If your coil, module and carby wires have all tested fine the only other option is to check each wire for continuity. a internally shorted or damaged wire could be the issue.

    • It is not too difficult, They connect to the ignition coil located on the underside of the engine. The engine will need to be removed from the chassis to gain access.

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