Victa Head Gasket Replacement

Learn how to Replace a Victa Head Gasket

Tools/Parts Required 

  • Replacement Head Gasket
  • Sharp Chisel
  • Sanding Block and Sandpaper - between 200-600 Grit Depending On Condition Of Surfaces.
  • Socket Wrench - 8mm, 12mm & 13mm Sockets

Step 1.

Remove fuel hose and top cover.

Step 2

Remove cylinder head by loosening the four 12 mm bolts, sometimes these are 13 mm.

Step 3

Once the head is removed you will need to inspect the head and cylinder for any damage. If any damage to the piston is seen you may need to replace the piston and rings, if not you can continue.

Step 4

Next you will need to remove the old head gasket. This can be done with a sharp chisel by gently scrapping perpendicular to the cylinder block; the gasket will peel off. Light scratching can occur, be careful not to angle the chisel and leave any large marks.

Step 5 

Using your sandpaper rub down the block and the head to remove any light scratching and left over dirt. Using a circular motion helps maintain an even sanding job. If the head is warped you can tape some sanding paper to a piece of glass and rub the head against it in small circles. This will insure a perfectly flat head. You can colour the head in permanent marker and this will show where the high and low points are as you sand.

Step 6

Once the surfaces are prepared you may install your head gasket and reassemble the lawn mower as shown in the video.


    • It can be done without sanding if the previous gasket has left no residue However Sanding increases the chance of a successful seal and reduces the likelihood of the new gasket failing

  1. Hi Guys

    I have bought a couple of head gaskets from you in the past and for some reason
    my Victa 2 stroke mower keeps blowing head gaskets.

    I will order some more from you and just wanted to ask if there is anything
    else I should order to help rectify this problem?

    BTW Great Videos.


  2. Further to the above my Victa 2 stroke mower
    sometime backfires.

    Also the head gasket seems
    to blowout when trying to start the mower
    not while running.


    • Hi Jack

      the most common reason for a head gasket to blow is a poor mounting area, If you have not already it is best to sand both the cylinder head and block with 600 grit paper to ensure both surfaces are smooth and provide the best comprehensive area for the gasket. If the gaskets are blowing out on start up and there is occasionally backfires it would suggest that there is a possible issue with the decompressor it may be worth checking its function.

  3. I use an oil stone instead of sand paper as you can round all the edges with sand paper an oil stone with some WD40 does a much nicer job and also keeps the faces nice and flat and will show up any low spots that may be giving you trouble

  4. hang on.. first you say you can use between 200 – 600 sandpaper then you say 400 – 800 sand paper.. which is it? is that a particular gasket? 160cc? torqued engine? or does one gasket fit all the victas?

    • Hi John

      If you have deep scratches start with a lower number rougher paper and then work up to a higher number smoother paper. Anything 400 or smoother should provide a good enough finish for the gasket to function properly. There is a few gaskets depending on what year your mower is, There is one from pre 1984 models and one for Post 1984 Models

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