Victa Ignition Coil Replacement

Learn how to remove an ignition coil from a Victa lawn mower, and replace it with a brand new one.

Tools/Parts Required 

  • Socket Wrench - 24mm & 12mm socket
  • Replacement Ignition Coil 

Step 1.

In order to remove the old ignition coil we must first remove the engine – which requires tipping the lawn mower on its side – before doing that it’s wise to turn off the petrol hose. When the mower is on its side grab a socket wrench and undo the blade bolt – this can be pretty difficult and may require a piece of wood or something similar jammed next to the blade plate to keep it from spinning.

Step 2

Once the blade plate has been removed the 4 bolts holding the engine in place will now be exposed. Undo them, be aware that the engine will fall out when the bolts are loose, it may help to have another person hold the engine from the other side. With the engine removed you will now be able to see the ignition coil, undo the 2 bolts holding it in place. 2 cables are also attached to the ignition coil, ensure that these are unplugged before you pull it away from the engine.

Step 3

With the old ignition coil removed you are now ready to install the new one – the new ignition coil requires certain parts from the old one before you can install it, if you need help with that click here for our tutorial. Plug in the cables to the new ignition coil (they are both two different sizes, so they can’t be mixed up). Place the new ignition coil over the holes for the bolts which hold it in place and line it up at the appropriate distance from the fly wheel (basically as close as possible without the ignition coil actually touching – spin the fly wheel to test). When everything is positioned correctly then bolt it down carefully as it may move during the process.

Step 4

Now it’s time to reassemble everything. Place the engine back onto the base – again, it’s best to have someone help here as it can be tricky by yourself. Do up the 4 bolts holding it in place – note that there are 3 washers, check the video to see which bolts they belong to if unsure, then place the blade base back on and tighten the bolt holding it too. Last and probably most importantly, don’t forget to turn the petrol back on! Now everything should be running smoothly.


  1. As mentioned on a previous clip, when tightening the base plate, poke some rope through the spark plug hole until it fills up the chamber. The piston won’t be able to move and you can put as much pressure on the nut as needed.

  2. Hi. Where can i buy this ignition coil on your website. I cant find this on shown in the video. I have a victa power torque commando.

    • Hi Steve

      We are no longer able to source new coils, we can supply a tested second hand coil, Contact us via email for more information

    • Hi Russell

      Contact us via email using the contact page with the part number of your current coil and we will let you know what we have available.

  3. Hi
    How do I access the ignition coil for a Victa Lancer 160 V70 series 2 (2 stroke circa 1970’s).
    I’m not seeing any spark at the ignition lead with the kill wire disconnected and think the coil must be under the fan housing. There is one 20mm nut holding the fan housing but it doesn’t want to come off. Would you know if it’s a normal or reverse thread?

    Thanks for a great web site.

  4. I am after an ignition coil for my Victa 2 stroke . Coil No. MA 05599A with plug lead and cables
    going to carburetta. Could you quote me a new price and price for a tested one in very good condition.

  5. Hi

    I have victa 460 professional. There is no ignition on the spark, but i can feel the electrode on the wire.

    After checking with digital meter, it read 8.45.

    Do you think i need to change the the whole ignition coil?


  6. Hi,
    I have fitted a JM5510 (replacement for a MA05599A ) and earthed the grey wire to the frame as the original coil had a ground plate riveted to the armature. The new coil had no such plate therefore no ground for the eht.
    Measuring across the spade terminals there was 1.5 ohms. From the grey wire to the eht end was 8k ohms. The original coil had an electronic failure. The coil resistance are similar, 1.5 ohms but the eht is 15k ohms to the plate on the armature.

    Problem is if I spin the flywheel by hand in the correct direction, no spark from the spark plug.
    If I spin the flywheel in the opposite direction I get a good spark.
    I have taken photos before and after disassembly/assembly and all is correct.
    What gives, any ideas as to what the problem might be.

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