Victa Loose Blade Carrier Fix

Learn how to repair a loose blade carrier on a Victa Lawn Mower.

Tools/Parts Required 

  • Lubricant
  • Wooden Wedge
  • 8mm & 24mm Socket

Step 1.

Use you wooden wedge to secure and stop the flywheel moving while you undo the blade Nut. Be mindful not to apply to much force as there is a risk of damage to the flywheel.

Step 2

Once the nut is removed replace the washer and make sure to put it on the correct way as shown in the video. Next tighten the blades being mindful of the position of the new washer.


  1. I didnt use a wooden spoon to lock the fly wheel when i took the plate off to replace the blades. Now the fly wheel just spins freely is that a major problem now and how do i repair it

    • The flywheel should spin freely unless you lock it, if you have not got the nut undone and are having the problem of it spinning then you can lock it and undo the nut.

  2. ok thanks lachlan its just that before i tried loosen the nut holding the plate on it was locked and the flywheel wouldnt turn as i undid the nut and now it does so i guess there,s nothing wrong thank you again

  3. I have a victa commando V35.

    The washer of the blade carrier broke, and I replaced it . But after 4 to 5 mins. of running, the blade carrier loosens up repeatedly. Please help with suggestions.

    • Hi

      If you have placed the washer the correct way it should provide enough tension to hold the nut in place, If your washer is the correct way and it still loosens you could either try and new nut or purchase some locktite to secure your current nut in place.

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