Victa Spark Plug Boot Replacement

Learn how to replace an old or damaged spark plug boot on a Victa lawn mower.

 Tools/Parts Required.


Step 1.

Start by removing the old spark plug boot if it is still present. Simply pull on it to remove it – if this proves difficult hold the wire with pliers whilst pulling on the boot.

Step 2

Remove the screw protruding from the wire, this will be replaced by a metal coil which comes in the spark plug boot kit (click on link in tools needed).

Step 3

Using a pair of pliers line the protruding end of the coil up with the wire and press it down into the wire.

Step 4

Push the now attached coil and wire through the correct end of the spark plug boot (the smaller hole), ensure that it has been pushed as far as possible – if this proves to be a challenge use pliers to hold the wire and push it through.


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