Victa Wheel & Bearing Replacement

Learn How to replace a damaged wheel bearing on a Victa lawn mower.

Tools/Parts Required 

  • Hammer
  • Wheel Bearing & Clip
  • Flat Head Screwdriver

Step 1.

Use the screw driver to lever off the clip holding the wheel in place (be careful not to lose it). Once removed you can slide the wheel off of its shaft.

Step 2

Remove the old bearing from the wheel by using the screw driver to lever it out. Place the new bearing in its place, ensure that the indented side is facing down and that the 2 side tabs line up with the grooves on the wheel.

Step 3

Place the wheel back on to the shaft, make sure it is pushed back as far as possible. A small groove in the shaft should be exposed, re-insert the clip removed at the beginning into this groove. You may need to line the clip up and tap it with a hammer or a screw driver.


  1. I have a Victor sprint 375 Briggs and Stratton and the steel clip at end of wheel has worn away. Am single mum can I go to hardware and get this clip or similar

  2. I too have a Victa sprint 375 and need to replace my wheels where can I buy a set of 4; also that above link you supplied is not working.

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