Wheel Bearing Replacement

Learn how to Replace the Wearing Bearings in a rover lawn mower

this process is similar across all Lawn Mowers With Ball Bearing Wheels

Tools/Parts Required 

  • 2 Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Socket Wrench - 17mm
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Wheel Bearing Kit

Step 1.

Remove any wheel covers and pry off the clip holding the wheel in place. it may break or shoot off quite fast.

Step 2

Remove the wheel and either replace with a new ball bearing type wheel or replace the bearings if the wheel is the correct type. The bearings should be pried out with a screwdriver and new ones hammered in with the mallet.

Step 3

Next place the wheel on the axle and install the new clip by placing the socket over the clip and hammering it on as shown in the video.


    • If you send me an email with a detailed description of the part or a photo I can help you find one. You can send it to “support@pushmowerrepair.com”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I feel pretty stupid now because I’d tried all sorts of ways to put on the retaining clip and couldn’t get it on. Gave up in disgust. Finally [duh] thought I’d check the Web. Kept getting American sites which had sensible nuts or cotter pins on their wheels. Then, Eureka! Found your video and the use of the socket – so simple – but I didn’t even think of it -that’s why I feel pretty stupid.

    Anyway, you’ve solved my problem and I appreciate you having taken the effort to put this video up. It’s surprising how sometimes the simplest little tasks can be headaches if you’ve never done them before and are not thinking clearly. THANK YOU.

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